Letter: Make litter louts pay a fixed penalty notice

Littering is anti-social behaviour.
Littering is anti-social behaviour.

Reading The Scarborough News I found four separate articles which seemed to me should have been linked:

• Gull food-grabs

• Thousands flock to sunny Scarborough

• South Bay left in a mess

• Council gets tough on louts.

What amazed me was the response from Paul Thompson (Scarborough Borough Council operation, transport and countryside) who stated that it was difficult to get video evidence of litter louts – when the council is introducing PSPOs for anti-social behaviour to be dealt with by fixed penalty notices.

Surely littering is anti-social behaviour which costs a huge amount to clear up. If other anti-social behaviour can be dealt with by fixed penalty notices then littering should be dealt with in the same way. Feeding the gulls should also be dealt with this way.

The council bend over backwards for visitors and foreshore businesses but it is the residents who end up paying the price.

Finally, how can they spend £4million on demolishing the Futurist but not find the cash for public loos and social care?

D Mayo