Letter: Make your precious vote count

Make your vote count in the local elections this week.
Make your vote count in the local elections this week.

With the local council elections only a few days away it might be useful to remind those intending on casting their precious votes that, only a few months ago, some of our councillors, now asking for re-election, were quite happy to go against the wishes of many of their constituents by voting to demolish the Futurist.

This was in stark contrast to the multitude who felt that this precious venue could be given a ‘stay of execution’ in order to at least give the Save the Futurist group a chance to preserve it.

The decision went in favour of demolition by a single vote!

I may not speak for everyone however, now might be the time to give those councillors who did listen to so many of the people a bit of a pat on the back whilst, at the same time showing those who preferred to reduce yet another piece of Scarborough’s historic heritage to a pile of dust, to be replaced by goodness knows what and at a cost of millions, exactly what we think of them.

The motion was carried by 22 votes to 21.

Richard Ashley

South Cliff