Letter: Memories of Scarborough’s golden era

Memories of the golden era of Scarborough.
Memories of the golden era of Scarborough.

Interesting to read the history of the Spa chalet (Scarborough News, April 14). Except that pre-1950 occupation was not by the Spa manager as you were informed.

I remember being inside the chalet around 1947-1948. At that time it was owned by local businessman Mr Whittaker and wife. Among his businesses were Evelyn’s Restaurant, the ice rink, Vine Street, Grand and Station garages, as well as property in Albemarle Crescent.

This was at a time when Scarborough was flourishing. For me, the decline started when the Balmoral Hotel was demolished and a Tesco and car park was built in its place.

During a recent visit after quite a few years it seems that the town has now died.

I thought back to the days of Marshall and Snelgrove, of ‘Boot’s Corner’ with Boots library on a galleried first floor ie Gray’s Corner, Westborough, opposite the Pavilion. And remember the Odeon roundabout subway.

During my residence there was a wartime static water tank on the then spare ground, north of the Odeon on Northway!

Mr RN White

Hyde Lodge, Winchester