Letter: Priority must be to reinstate basic facilities

No mention of how the holiday experience can be improved.
No mention of how the holiday experience can be improved.

In last week’s paper you reported on the proposal to improve market share and income for business through the work of Janet Deacon.

Whilst it maybe possible to increase visitor numbers and promote Yorkshire as a desirable holiday destination there is no mention of how the holiday experience can be improved.

The first thing that must be addressed for present numbers, let alone increased numbers is the need to provide/reinstate sufficient toilet facilities.

The closing and demolishing of several public toilets has been a retrograde step by Scarborough Council.

Albeit that certain councillors have defended the move. Maybe they don’t visit the usual public places as the tourists and have the convenience of well located conveniences whilst at


Are they agreeable to their toilets being made available at peak times to the general public?

A further area of thought is the lack of interesting and up market shops.

Napoleon remarked that the British are a nation of shop keepers.

Here in Scarborough there are too many empty and vacant shops that with the right incentives could become hives of activity for holidaymakers.

Secondly why not encourage nationally recognised names such as John Lewis/Waitrose, Lakeland, French Connection, Laura Ashley, the list could go on, limited only by imagination.

Further vacant shop fronts could be decorated with murals.

Or at least be kept looking clean and tidy.

Perhaps if council officers wander the streets of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey they may have a broader and better understanding of what creates an enjoyable and prolonged stay.

Yes there is fantastic scenery, good restaurants, and plenty of accommodation, but there is a marked absence of quality shops and public toilets.

The Victorians put Scarborough and its environs on the map as an up-market holiday destination.

I don’t believe it is impossible to repeat and this article seems to imply that is what ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ are seeking to achieve.

Keith Sangster

Whin Bank