Letter: Rating is not a fair reflection of caring team

Harewood House care home, Scarborough.
Harewood House care home, Scarborough.

Regarding the report on Harewood House being deemed inadequate (Scarborough News, June 8).

My partner, who is 70 and has dementia, has been a resident there for over a year and I visit her three times a week.

Since the Inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)in August 2016, I have seen a series of ongoing improvements to the interior, room decor, carpets, lighting etc., and the replacement of staff who were in place at the time of the August 2016 inspection.

So, I am disappointed to see that the latest CQC report still shows an overall ‘Inadequate’ rating. I know from my visits that this does not reflect the actual reality of a caring team who are doing their best for my partner. I know that she is safe, well fed and looked after in a compassionate way and I have no qualms about her being there.

Of the five areas on which the CQC make their judgement, only two, ‘Is it safe’ and ‘Well Led’, were deemed ‘Inadequate’. While not wishing to underestimate the importance of these areas, a lot was down to lack of correct ‘form filling’ and ‘paperwork’, and should in no way cast doubt on the hard work and care of the dedicated staff who do a great job in often trying situations.

Steve Malton,

Peasholm Crescent,