Letter: Saddened at report on Harewood House care home

Harewood House care home, Scarborough.
Harewood House care home, Scarborough.

Re Scarborough care home deemed ‘inadequate’ by health watchdog (Scarborough News, June 8).

I feel a little saddened at the report in last week’s paper about the home as my mother has been a resident there since January 2016.

I must say that I visit my Mum on random days at random times and I have always found her to be well dressed, clean and happy. I’ve have been there visiting at breakfast, dinner and tea time and always been impressed with the quality and quantity of the food and the cleanliness of the home, and the professionalism of the staff.

There was a sudden turn over of quite a few staff a few months ago which I felt a little unsettled about as I’d got to know most of them – I always found them to be very pleasant, caring and they were always busy with care of the residents. I need not have worried as the new staff are alike.

If I have any concerns at all I would say that I would like to see a little more interaction with the residents, however I do know the staff do do their best with the time they have. They have taken Mum and other residents for nice walks when the weather has been good, we have some lovely photos of Mum enjoying her afternoons out. Maybe a little help from outside a couple of times a week to play games etc would be good?

Overall myself and my family are very happy with the care Mum receives from all at Harewood House.

Jane Robinson

Church Row,

Wold Newton,