Letter: Summer shows are a roaring success

Scarborough summer shows are a roaring success.
Scarborough summer shows are a roaring success.

We would like to say a big thank you to Tony Peers Productions for putting on two great summer shows at the Spa Theatre again this year.

We run a small guest house and have had many of our guests who have gone to both the Billy Pearce Summer Show and Movies Meets the Musicals shows and all have told us how much they enjoyed them.

One lady who says that she regularly goes to the West End in London said that Movies Meets the Musicals was just as good as any of the London shows that she has seen. The only difference it being a fraction of the cost; she thought it excellent value for money and will certainly be returning again next year.

In our opinion, if these shows had media/television coverage they would be sold out every night; so people of Scarborough remember these shows are there for you as well as the holiday makers.

Support your local theatres we don’t want to lose them.

Dee Hawken, Glyn Lewis

Columbus Ravine