Letter: The benefits of renewable power

The Green Party disagree that nuclear power is the only option.
The Green Party disagree that nuclear power is the only option.

Scarborough Green Party members would like to thank Mr Wigglesworth for his letter in the paper last week.

He compared us to ostriches which is quite a compliment as they were revered by the Egyptians for over 5,000 years. They also have the largest eye of any mammal, 5cm, along with their two metre height, allowing them to see far into the distance!

We are also in agreement with Colin’s statement that the energy policy of government has been disastrous. Neither the nuclear, fossil fuel or renewable sectors are sure of future funding, due to dithering and inconsistency, thus restricting development of planet saving technology such as carbon capture, tidal power etc. Colin is also correct about the horrific dangers of fracking which no doubt the present government will impose on pristine rural areas in North Yorkshire.

However, we do disagree with him that nuclear is “the only viable source of fuel to keep the lights on”. Coal, gas and nuclear all use boilers and steam to run the generators, thus they are not very efficient. Wind, tidal and solar generate power directly so are far more efficient. Technology is advancing very fast and most countries are no longer investing in huge dinosaur-like power stations costing billions but in small scale locally generated and sustainable power plants.

Solar panels are becoming cheaper and will look like and replace normal roof tiles. Battery and other types of energy storage are getting more efficient allowing peak and base load demand problems to be ironed out. One major advantage of renewables is that they do not leave a 1,000 year legacy of nuclear waste to be dealt with by our children’s children!

The overall decision is this; The human race is at a critical junction where we must decide if we go on using up the earth’s resources for an ever-increasing and demanding population or if we start to think sensibly and live in harmony with the planet so all our futures are secure?

Cllr Mark Vesey

Scarborough and Whitby Green Party