Letter: Unnecessary road signs need attention

Time to remove unnecessary road signs.
Time to remove unnecessary road signs.

Re The Scarborough News call regarding broken, mis-placed and out of date road signs, I couldn’t agree more.

There are plenty in and around the town and outlying areas which need attention.

I did mail a request to have some of these ‘New Road Layout Ahead’ signs reviewed, and a reply was received, stating the signs in particular that I mentioned would be reviewed.

However many, many months later, these are still in place. Surely though, this should be an automatic procedure.

They are a waste of funds, having them up for far longer than necessary - they could be removed and re-used elsewhere...or is it cheaper to just let them stay in situ I wonder?

The location of such is along Cayton Low Road on the approach to the traffic lights at the junction with Dunslow Road.

Chris Widdowfield

Crab Lane