Letter: Vote to make your say count

Make your vote count in EU referendum.
Make your vote count in EU referendum.

I wonder how many people will be voting in this EU referendum?

I know I will be and I also know which way I would like to see it go, but many are not going to vote because politics is not their thing, and those who make up excuses like well...I just forgot, or those who say it does not interest or affect me.

This referendum was put to bed in 1975 when the former PM Harold Wilson gave the UK the vote on the EU back then called The Common Market, after it was said that the former Prime Minster Edward Heath signed the agreement in 1972 to join without asking the electorate.

Over the years many joined the EU from 12 countries at the start to now standing at 28 countries and Turkey waiting in the wings (pardon the pun), with 75 million people that could move country due to free movement of peoples anywhere in the EU, and if we stay in that includes the UK.

Today in 2016 on June 23 the UK will go to the polls with one simple question...are we in or out once and for all?

Myself looking at the data and the amount we spend on the membership alone on this club (£55 million a day), I think we need to pull the plug.

We are not a member of the Euro thanks to quick action on (Black Wednesday) which Britain nearly went over the edge with the European exchange rate mechanism - and being a member of the EU does not make us safer in the world not one jot.

Our island nation is unique: the only thing connecting us with Europe is the Channel Tunnel and we must take back full control of our borders. We are a sovereign state, our head is the Queen and we have our own Parliament elected by the people. Today our very own Prime Minster has stated in many broadcasts that he wants to be in Europe but NOT run by Europe.

Tories hate unions but they like this one and well we all know it does not work like that. The European Union is one Union of Nations with Brussels and Strasbourg at the helm.

This is a real chance to take back full control of our islands. Don’t listen to Obama, the US would never give up its independence.

J Large

Shire Croft