Letters: Language that is not helpful

Alpamare is not run by the council.
Alpamare is not run by the council.

After reading the story in the Scarborough News about the new waterpark at North Bay I was a bit put out by the remarks of Cllr Andrew Jackson.

Using comments such as “are these people thick”, this language does nothing to promote our town, or the borough for that matter, when dealing with visitors’ complaints.

Scarborough Borough Council as a whole works hard to promote the area to attract locals and visitors, film crews, TV coverage, cycle racing, concerts and vital investment.

Scarborough is a lovely place to visit, stay a while, or even live and work.

Perhaps he should have said: “Thank you for all your comments, good and bad, on the Alpamare waterpark. As I’m in the position of portfolio holder for tourism I will pass on your comments to the management of the water park as the council does not own or run it.”

J Large

Shire Croft, Scarborough

I read with some astonishment the derisory remark about people’s perception of the new waterpark.

It’s nice to know that the elected person has such a huigh regard for his constituents.

C Townsend

Burniston Road,