Obituary: Mr Andrew Thompson

Mr Andrew Thompson
Mr Andrew Thompson

A funeral service was held at St Martin’s Church. Burton Agnes on Friday, 6 May for the late Mr Andrew Thompson of Burton Agnes who died peacefully at home on the 24 April, his 59th birthday.

The service was conducted by the Rev James Anderson and the organist was Mr Steven Westaway.

Andy was born in Burton Agnes to the late Dick and Kath Thompson, he had a sister Ruth. He had a happy idyllic childhood on the family farm and at his grandparents farm in Watton. He attended school at Burton Agnes Primary School, then Headlands. After leaving school he attended Bishop Burton College.

Andrew went on to become a farmer, he loved his farm, the countryside and the animals.

Andy and Sue met as teenagers and they were happily married for 36 years. They went on to have three children Richard, Erica and Zoe, he was a wonderful dad and considered his children as his greatest achievement and was very proud of them.

He had a lifelong love of music, anything from Wagner to Rammstein, he was passionate about history and was well read in the subject, he enjoyed military model making, particularly German World War Two tanks. One of his favourite places was York, especially the Minster where he found peace and serenity whenever he visited.

Andy was a kind, gentle and funny man, he was always there for everyone and he will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Family mourners: Sue, Richard, Erica and Zoe Thompson, Ruth Waters and Dave Hartley, Stuart and Sarah Waters, Emma Waters, Shelley and Andrew Potter, Carol and Frank Mcloughin.

Others present: Mr and Mrs A R Linsdell, Albert Boynton rep Pam Boynton and David and Matt Nessfield, Pat and David Cawthorn, Kay Gibson, Mrs Susan Allen, Roger Parkin rep Joyce Parkin, Mary Hart, Molly and Richard Palliser rep Jayne, Paul and Anne and Barbara and Peter Morley, Martin and Julie Boyes, Dave and Karen Harrison, Jo Thompson.

Mr and Mrs C Bell rep Mark Bell, Mr Steve Joyce rep Sue Joyce, Mr and Mrs N Bell rep Ruth O’Grady, Dr Chris and Kathy Hammersley, Mr K Artley rep Mr A Dixon and Bridlington Young Farmers Club, Mr and Mrs D Smith, Katie Smith, Mr and Mrs G Joyce, Mr and Mrs J Buckman, Maurice Robson rep James Mortimer Ltd, Phil Naylor rep James Mortimer Ltd and Simon Minns, Marie Born, Dr Memon, Julie and Phil Rylatt rep Mark, Neil, James and Daniel, Mr and Mrs D Traves, Sarah Daniels rep Mark Daniels and family, Philip Bell, Peter Easterby, John Robinson, David Barnes, Kelly Ireland, Trevor and Carol Ireland, Andrew Beeney, Geraldine Hunt, David Rowson, Kimberley and Ian O’Connor, Naomi Cousins, Sally Pearson rep Mr and Mrs Portman, June Jones, Mr and Mrs C C Buckman, Gordon Buckman, Amanda Plehn, Dr and Mrs Maung, Carl Lindsell, Wilf Lile, Janet Robinson, Ken Cousins rep Tom Cousins, and Andrew and Chuck Nicholson, Helen and Mark Parton, Phil Burton, Jean Boynton, June Holmes, Jeanette Cawkwell rep Mr and Mrs T Richardson, Linda Bratley rep Lyndsey Ullyott and Colin Dennis, Adrian and Carol Nixon, Julian and Jane Reed, David Scrivener, John Burnhill rep Frontier Agricultural Ltd, Irene Bradley, Mr and Mrs F Wilson, Miss M Found, Chris Wilson, Keith Hawkins rep Burton Agnes Estate, Alan Fletcher, Angela Edwards, Tina Fletcher, Patrick Shipley, Chris Shipley, Peter Wright.

June Thompson, Jenny West, Mr and Mrs D Johnson, Stewart Clark, John Rowbottom, Mrs Jane Bell rep Mr Stephen Bell, Mr and Mrs Ian Whiting, Miss C Wilson, Mr P Wilson, Mr and Mrs A G Winter, Jazz Edeson, Andrew Boynton, Shaun and Sally Edeson, Mr and Mrs N Jackson, Kristina Lamplough rep Burton Agnes Estate, Rosie and Tony Davis, Simon and Olivia Cunliffe-Lister rep Susan Cunliffe- Lister, Sarah Learoyd, Joe Brown, Sarah Bailey.