Athletic begin plans for the move home

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Scarborough Athletic are readying themselves for home-town action in 2016.

Cllr Tom Fox recently revealed that a planning application for the new Weaponness Sports Village would be submitted in July, followed by work starting in the first quarter of 2015.

Boro chairman Dave Holland and his team are now preparing for the big move from their current home in Bridlington.

He said: “It was always going to be a long and complicated process, but we have regularly had meetings with the council to engage with them on the situation.

“Everyone wants to be back in Scarborough yesterday, but we can’t rush back as a club. We can’t just walk in, take a key and lock the door.

“People are expecting attendances to increase when we get to Scarborough, but if you look at Scarborough FC’s gates in the Conference, they weren’t a huge amount bigger than what we currently get.

“It is important that we go to Weaponness with our head held high, playing at the best level possible.

“You have to remember that the last time Scarborough FC played there was in 2007, so many of the youngsters have moved on, they have other things to do on a Saturday.

“We have to tap into them once again because there is evidence we can get that support, just look at the numbers we took to Brighouse.

“We have established a junior set-up and we will be working hard to instill the return of football in the kids.

“So many youngsters haven’t experienced what we had the luck to experience.

“We do have a lot to thank Pete Smurthwaite for at Bridlington, their hospitality has been fantastic during our stay there.”

Boro are also looking to open their gates to local players to build further relations with the town.

Holland added: “The future of the juniors is rosy, which puts the whole club on a sound footing.

“Our attention isn’t just on the first team, it is right the way down, which is why we added Paul Foot and Bryan Hughes to the coaching staff.

“The managerial team will be working hard with the reserves to help players come through, from the younger age-groups to the reserves and then onwards.

“Players are in the first team on merit, but there will be opportunities for local players to get involved and attend training.

“There club is learning from a time where opportunities may have not been there.

“We have Jimmy Beadle and Ryan Blott in the first team now and if other players turn the head of the manager Rudy Funk or his assistants then why not.

“If they have the ability to get there then they will definitely be given a chance.”