Boro forced to cut budget after plummet in crowds

Boro have cut the playing budget
Boro have cut the playing budget

Scarborough Athletic have been forced to cut their playing budget due to a drop in crowds at Queensgate.

With gates falling to a recent low of 216 on Tuesday night against Ossett Albion, the club’s board have reluctantly been forced to act.

Chairman Dave Holland is keen to keep the club on the financial straight and narrow, though he and the board will continue to make judgements on the budget, performances and results as the season progresses.

He said: “Ambition is still central to our club, wanting success will always be part of the job of being a supporter.

“The problem is that in having to play out of town, our revenues are tied massively to the number of paying fans coming through the turnstiles.

“When the going gets tough every single stay­away fan reduces our ability to make the going easier.

“Losing hurts, and we’ve had rather more disappointments than we expected.

“With vanishing support from the terraces, we’re effectively having to do more with less.

“The board has reluctantly agreed that we need to tighten our belts until our performances improve and hopefully attract fans back through the turnstiles.”

Holland admits the board have had discussions with joint-bosses Paul Foot and Bryan Hughes recently.

He added: “Of course we’ve had robust discussions over the last couple of weeks, and I’m proud that Bryan Hughes and Paul Foot aren’t quitters.

“I’m humbled that the squad they’ve brought together remain committed to them.

“I’m comforted that the board are also showing faith in the lads’ ability to pull us through this tricky period.

“Of course we have a fantastic core of loyal supporters who will see things through, and I also know attendances will increase when results improve.

“I just can’t see how criticisms directed at the players and managers from some quarters will inspire match­winning performances, boost confidences or encourage new blood to come to

our club.

“If you’ve now decided to spend each Tuesday evening watching the Hollyoaks Omnibus, or your Saturday afternoons tracking bargains in Tesco, please don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and your importance to the club.

“After so long in the wilderness, we have the mouthwatering prospect of standing on the terraces at Weaponness in a little over a year’s time.

“Is an uncomfortable but temporary run of poor form really worth risking that future over?”