Paul Foot: Nothing will change while Bryan’s away

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My fellow joint-manager Bryan Hughes may be away for a couple of weeks, but things will be no different.

At the club we understand that Bryan sometimes has to go away because of his job with the I2I Academy, but we still stay in touch and talk everything through.

People possibly don’t realise how much Bryan and I speak, be it through texting, calling or meeting up for a chat about things.

We discuss everything from teams, players, tactics and formations, just so we can get everything right.

During this time I’m not trying to put any kind of stamp on things because we are a team.

My build-up will be the same, I shout and bawl at games anyway.

The decisions during the game willbe mine, but I have Chris Bolder and Steve Roberts to bounce things off as well.

Bryan has stood in for me in the past, I missed the game against Trafford earlier in the season through illness.

While’s he’s in America we might have to work on Facetiming him so he can see what is going on.

Maybe not the night games though because they are five hours behind so he’ll be tucked up in bed.

Bryan was away for Wednesday night’s game, but it will have been nice for him to hear how many positives came out of it for us.

As well as a good performance across the park, we welcomed Matty Bloor into the side for his debut and I thought he did very well.

He played for the under-21s a week or so ago and it shows that this part of our set-up is working perfectly.

We were looking at giving Joe Fox and Paul Robson a run-out for the under-21s as well this week, which will do them the world of good to get games under their belts.

This is where you can assess the attitudes of players.

If they are keen to play for the under-21s and get that game time in then they will obviously be further up the pecking order than those who say that they can’t play for whatever reason.