RUDY FUNK: Refs should air their views

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I’m glad the powers that be chose not to ban Andre Marriner after his error in last weekend’s game between Chelsea and Arsenal.

I think the fact that he sent off Kieran Gibbs rather than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was just a genuine mistake, but it has obviously attracted plenty of hype.

When players have fouled somebody in the box they always hide from the referee, but in this instance, Oxlade-Chamberlain went straight to Marriner and told him that he should have been dismissed.

It only takes a second for him to change his mind or go over to the bench where they have footage of the game.

If he had done this then it could have saved an awful lot of problems.

I honestly don’t think Marriner should be suspended though, people make honest mistakes all of the time and don’t get punished for them.

Having said that, I think that if a referee makes a mistake then he should have to come out and talk to the press about it.

It is a difficult job, but managers have to talk to the press when they get things right and wrong, so why shouldn’t they?

In fact I think that each of the officials should have the chance to put their point across.

It would be great for managers, players and fans to have that feedback.

If Marriner had said that he had made a mistake on the cameras then I think a lot of the hype would have been eased.

Instead of that everyone has jumped on him.

I have a lot more respect for referees if they admit their faults.

I look back to the FA Trophy game at Telford earlier this season when the referee gave a penalty against us.

We were all mesmerized by that decision, but he came to see me after the game and said that he had made a mistake and that he was sorry.

If people own up then I will have no complaints with them.