Rudy Funk’s column: Keeping things low key helps our cause

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At Boro, we haven’t spoken too much about a promotion push this season.

We have been seeing how things go, but now with just a few games to go we are in the thick of it.

It is now a case of staying level-headed and keeping up the good work for these next 10 matches.

People say that all we need to do is keep on winning, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

You go out there with the best intentions, but things sometimes don’t work out how you want them to.

We have to prepare in the same way and demonstrate the same attitude and desire. If we do that then we should stay right in there.

There is lots of pressure, but that comes with the territory of being top of the league.

In the first half of the season you play your football and then see where you are positioned at Christmas.

After that, when you are in there, the pressure comes, but it is up to me to take that pressure off the lads and then take a long vacation at the end of the season.

The way I do that is by keeping everything with the players low key.

Earlier in the season I was always on the phone to them, taking them through different things, but at this stage that needs to calm down.

I will see them at training and on match days, and I will keep in touch to make sure everything is alright, but I don’t want to fill their heads with too much.

They just need to concentrate on playing their football.

The banter is good and the changing room is good, hopefully everything else will take care of itself.