SPORTSDESK COMMENT: Lost generation of young Boro fans and players missing out

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At the Scarborough Athletic Annual General Meeting and fans forum, Boro’s followers were told of a further delay to the delivery of the Weaponness Leisure Village.

The return of a football stadium for the town has now been put back to 2017, which will only further fuel arguments of those who believe the project will never happen.

I believe that football will be coming home in Scarborough at some point, but the longer it takes to come to fruition the more financial pressure it puts on Boro as they attempt to keep going while playing at Bridlington.

Since the demise of the old club and the Seamer Road ground in 2007 fans have had to make the 40-mile round trip to Queensgate if they want to cheer their hometown team on.

A generation of young fans have missed out on the chance of strolling down on a Saturday afternoon, or on a midweek night, to the town’s football stadium.

The hardcore of supporters of the present club are keeping them going, but if they were playing in the town this hardcore would surely grow.

This nucleus of dedicated followers would be boosted by locals who make a late decision to pop down and watch the match.

This lost generation of young Boro supporters are only one of the victims of the lack of football facilities in the town.

Scarborough Football Club had a great school of excellence, which offered a chance for the area’s leading young footballers to learn their trade under the tutelage of former Boro star Mitch Cook and Ian Kerr among others.

The school of excellence teams also tackled fellow youngsters from the likes of other Football League clubs such as Hull City, Hartlepool and Grimsby.

Cook tried to keep the school of excellence concept alive with a link between Pindar School and Sheffield United for a few years, but this fell by the wayside.

Scarborough RUFC has emerged as the town’s leading sports club for junior sporting teams now, with hundreds of youngsters playing for the Silver Royd club most weekends.

Rugby union has filled the void left by the old football club, giving the next generation of sporting stars a chance to shine.

Scarborough Athletic FC are trying their best to keep the footballers going with their various junior teams, with their home base currently Bramcote School.

Let’s hope that these young players prove to be the first generation of homegrown stars at the new ground.