STEVE KITTRICK: Fans can give us a boost

Kittrick's Comment
Kittrick's Comment

It is the old statement, but on Saturday we have to make sure that we just keep things going.

Clitheroe will be strong, they showed that earlier in the season when they beat us well at their place.

This weekend will be a completely different kettle of fish though, we are a much stronger side now.

The fans will have a big part to play on Saturday, as they will do for the whole of this season.

We have won three in a row, so obviously things are going well, hopefully the size of the crowd will continue to grow.

This isn’t a club with a rich benefactor who pumps thousands of pounds in every week, we rely on these fantastic supporters who come through the turnstiles.

We understand that it is a huge commitment because of the distance between Scarborough and Bridlington, but we are hoping that we can make people happy with what we are doing on the field.

If we get the crowds then we can bring in the better players and we can continue to progress.

It could be two in two out for Saturday’s game because Jamie Price is suspended and Adam Bolder (Pictured) is struggling. We do have Jameel Ible and Scott Brown back from their bans though.

We’ll be looking at what we are going to do and where players are going to play over the next day or so.

Fortunately we have players that just want to go out there and play anywhere for Scarborough.

I’ve said before that it would be great to play the same players in consecutive games because consistency breeds success.

Injuries and suspensions have hit our hopes of doing that, but at the moment things are still looking good.

I’ll be keeping my feet on the ground and hopefully after Saturday, we’ll be putting more smiles on faces.