STEVE KITTRICK: We can push on after move

Steve Kittrick's column
Steve Kittrick's column

There has been plenty of good news about the club’s move to Scarborough in the past few weeks.

This is something that I’m looking forward to, as are the board, the players, the fans and hopefully the people of the town.

It is now important that we don’t sit back and rest on our laurels, we have to get the businesses and the community back involved to make this a proper football club once again.

There is no reason why Scarborough can’t do a Darlington or a Halifax Town, we just have to get the infrastructure spot on.

We have to remember that this isn’t the best location in the country, we don’t have the pools of players like teams in Manchester or West Yorkshire.

Drawing players to a club comes at a price, it all comes down to money, which is a shame.

There is none of the fact that players want to play for the big club, which is something I don’t agree with because I’m old school.

If the crowds are good, like we are hoping, then the budget has to be right and we can put the players in place to make this club a good place to be.

I am approaching a year in charge of the club and you have to say that things are in a much better place on the field.

We have players here for the right reasons and much more hunger to win our games, which showed in our Boxing Day victory against Tadcaster.

You win a game in the first and last 10 minutes, either by setting the tone or by piling the pressure on your opposition.

Against Tadcaster we made sure we killed them off in the last 10 minutes.

It is pleasing that we have turned it around, but that is down to the efforts of Chris Bolder and Steve Roberts as well.

We have a lot of young lads in there, but we have experience as well, it is a case of finding the blend.

I honestly think we are two players away from where we want to be, but that is something we are working on.

At the moment we just have to keep on picking up the results.