Trafalgar Reserves and West Riding kicked out of cup

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Scarborough News Sunday League second division champions Trafalgar Reserves and West Riding have both been kicked out of the Goalsports Trophy after both were found to have broken rules in the semi-final, meaning that Roscoes Bar have been handed the silverware but have missed out on their cup final.

West Riding won the semi-final 4-0 on March 8, but after the game Trafalgar Reserves made a complaint to the the league that Mark Wade played when he was serving a suspension for a sending-off against Heslerton in February.

Sunday League chairman Mark Plumpton said: “Wade had to serve a two-match ban for his red card but West Riding had only played one game as one of the scheduled matches was called off, the ban is for the amount of games not for a certain amount of weeks.

“Then we received a complaint from West Riding stating that two of the Traf players, Dave Bates and Dave Jenkins, were ineligible for the cup semi-final as they had not played the three games required for qualification.”

At a Sunday League meeting the matters were discussed.

“Trafalgar accepted the charges, as a club, although their player-manager Andy Noon was not too happy with the decision to eject them from the competition.

“West Riding, who are managed by former committee mnember James Prethero, requested a private hearing regarding their charge, but they were also found guilty and thrown out of the competition.

“All the rules are on the league website so there is no excuse for not knowing them.”

This double expulsion means that Roscoes Bar, who won their semi-final 6-5 on penalties against Cayton Corinthians after drawing 3-3, are now the Goalsport Trophy winners but have missed out on the chance of playing in a final at Scarborough RUFC on Sunday May 3.

Plumpton added: “To try and make up for the fact that Roscoes have missed out on their big day they will now play against a second division reperesentative team at Silver Royd on May 3.”

Traf player-manager Noon said: “I think that there are way too many rules, I presumed that with David Jenkins having played in the first round he would be okay to play in the semi-final. All these rules are getting too much and making it even harder to run a team. I am considering packing in as manager at the end of this season as I am not enjoying it anymore, but will still sign on to play.

“We need to be encouraging the next generation of players to join the Sunday League as at the moment there are too many older players such as myself keeping it going, if these younger ones continue to be put off then the league is finished.”

Noon added: “I feel really sorry for the Roscoe’s Bar lads as through no fault of their own they have worked hard all year to get to a final and they have been robbed of the chance.”

Prethero echoed Noon’s sentiments: “The Roscoe’s lads have missed out on their big day, surely a replay would have made more sense then there still would have been a cup final. The Saturday League allowed Seamer Reserves and Edgehill Reserves to replay a cup game when they both broke the rules so I am not sure why the Sunday League treated it differently?”

“We contacted the North Riding FA before the semi-final and Trevor Wing told us that we had to pay an outstanding fine and then we could play the game, so we presumed that Mark was eligible for the match.

“It was simply human error on our part, there was no intention to break the rules, and I feel that Traf were unaware of their error too.”

Roscoes Bar player-manager Lee Paterson said: “It’s great that we have won the cup but very bitter sweet as you aim to win silverware at the start of the season but we are losing out on the atmosphere and the excitement of cup final day.

“We are trying to arrange a game for finals day at the Rugby Club with a league select team.”