Where Are They Now? Tyrone Thompson

Tyrone Thompson drills home his volley in the 5-1 defeat of York City on Boxing Day of 2004
Tyrone Thompson drills home his volley in the 5-1 defeat of York City on Boxing Day of 2004

Tyrone Thompson is climbing back up the rungs of football, despite retiring from the game as a player.

The all-action midfielder, who made his big break at Scarborough FC in the 2004-2005 campaign, has made a leap into the world of football agency.

Tyrone Thompson

Tyrone Thompson

Since leaving Lincoln City in 2012, Thompson has built up a portfolio of players stretching from League Two and into the Conference.

All this has come from collecting key contacts during a playing career that started at Sheffield United back in 2000.

“When I was at Sheffield United, Russell Slade tried to sign me for Scarborough, but that move didn’t work out and when my contract there expired I went to Huddersfield Town,” he said.

“I played a few games for Huddersfield, but when Nick Henry came in for me I decided to join Scarborough.

“I had one season at the club, was an ever-present and really enjoyed my football.

“We were unbeaten at home, I think that team just needed a bit of a tweak here and there and we could have really pushed on towards the top of the Conference.

“It was just a great changing room, there was nobody awkward in there, no troublemakers or anything.

“We played in some great games that season as well, especially the ones against York.

“A few months back Chris Senior sent me a video of the 5-1 win against York, that was a great day.

“The game was on Boxing Day, we had spent Christmas Day at my Nan’s and a lot of my family members came to watch me play for the first time.

“That was great, but the fact that I scored a goal and we picked up a great result made it even better.

“It was the pride you felt because it was clear how much that meant to the Scarborough fans.

“The fans added that extra bit of spice in that game and then we went on to beat them at Bootham Crescent a few days later.

“That season was my first as a regular starter, I felt so privileged and so proud to be playing for Scarborough.

“I had some great times with the lads as well. I used to drive in with Leigh Walker, Colin Cryan and Chris Senior.

“When I initially signed I was going to stay in the club house, but they bullied me into their car school because they said that they wouldn’t take me home otherwise.”

Thompson was keen to stay on at the end of that season, but Boro changed their contract policy and it became clear it was time to move on.

He added: “It was frustrating. The club changed it to a pay-as-you-play set-up, which meant a drop in wages, so it made it unfeasible for me to travel from Sheffield.

“I could have understood it if I was a player that needed to prove my fitness, but I’d played every game the season before and I was always fit.

“Chris Wilder, who I worked with at Sheffield United, had been following my career after taking over at Halifax Town.

“He offered me a chance over there and I decided to go, even though I didn’t really want to leave Scarborough.”

Thompson then remained in the professional game with Halifax, Crawley, Torquay, Mansfield, Grimsby and then Lincoln, before he opted for a slight change in career.

“When things came to an end at Lincoln, I had to look for something else to do,” he added.

“I had always had good relationships with managers in my career, I had an eye for a player and I had obviously built up a number of contacts in the game.

“I knew Lee Philpott from my time at Lincoln and I joined his company LMP football agents.

“He looked after me when I was a player so it made sense to go and work with him.

“It took a bit of time for players to actually realise I was serious, but there was already the trust there, so that helped.

“They call it the dark area of football, but I just want to do my bit for players.

“I have nine players on my books at the moment, but I only take people on if I can see a path in front of them, if I know I can do something for them.

“As a player I always wanted to be looked after and this is giving me the chance to do exactly that and pass on the advice that I sometimes didn’t get.

“I do have ambitions for myself and my players.

“I don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a lower league agent, I want to be pushing my players on to the Championship and then hopefully above.”

Despite his busy schedule, Thompson still has time to keep up to date with his former clubs and he is keeping a firm eye on Scarborough Athletic.

He added: “I follow Scarborough Athletic on my Instagram feed and I always look out for their results.

“I played with Paul Robson at Lincoln City, he is a great lad with lots of time for everyone.

“I can also remember Ryan Blott from my time at Scarborough as well.

“Leigh Walker and a few of the other lads went down to a reunion last summer, I was away that weekend, but I’d love to get together with some of the lads again.

“Nothing will have changed, it will be like walking back into that changing room again.”