Holland hopes for new boss backing

Dave Holland with new boss Steve Kittrick
Dave Holland with new boss Steve Kittrick

Scarborough Athletic chairman Dave Holland is hoping that the fans throw their support behind new manager Steve Kittrick.

Boro moved to appoint the the former Telford and Guiseley boss on Tuesday night, two weeks after the departure of former joint-managers Paul Foot and Bryan Hughes.

Holland said: "The important thing was to give the club its dignity back and also to give the fans something to believe in during our final year away from Scarborough.

"We were looking for a few things in particular in a new manager. They were proven success at a higher level, a strong network of contacts, somebody who wanted to work with Scarborough and somebody who would put themselves out there. Steve fits into each of these categories.

"We have to stop and reverse the decline we are in at the moment and get things pointing back in the right direction.

"If the fans will support the club and Steve in this then that would be fantastic.

"He knows the restrictions he has at the moment, but if we have a boost in attendances then that will help his and our cause."