Corney beats Turton in Scarborough DMC finale

John Turton in action at Scarborough DMC
John Turton in action at Scarborough DMC
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Scarborough DMC concluded their series of Wednesday Easy Trials and had great support, proving popular with both young and old riders.

Held at Low North Park, Harwood Dale, Clerk of Course Howard Hunter pitched the severity of the events throughout the summer spot on for all abilities with Jack Corney the victor on the very easy course from a determined John Turton on the little TY80 and Brodie Lyall, having only ridden a couple of events third on the whispering Oset, grandfather Richard would be proud.

Ben Teasdale

Ben Teasdale

Scarborough regular Mick Tanton sneaked ahead of the rejuvenated Mike Mitchell from Eskdaleside aboard the Ossa on furthest clean rule and Lewis Fairbank edged third from Trevor Jones on the tidy little James.

Hard course victors could not be split. Jason Coultas, Matt Handley and Darren Cousins - building up for his ride in the challenging Hardaker National on Sunday - rode the perfect trial to stay unpenalised, with Robin Hood’s Bay rider Oliver Night and Helmsley`s Ben Teasdale locked on two marks lost.


Very Easy Course: Jack Corney (Gas Gas) 6, John Turton (TY80) 8, Brodie Lyall (Oset) 12, Mae Knight (Beta) 20.

Easy Course: Mick Tanton (Beta) 1, Mike Mitchell (Ossa) 1, Lewis Fairbank (Beta) 2.

Hard Course: Jason Coultas (Beta) 0, Matt Handley (Beta) 0, Darren Cousins (Beta) 0, Oliver Knight (Sherco) 2, Ben Teasdale (Beta) 2.