ECR’s flying start helps to cut down Dale Power

ECR, who claimed a fine win against Dale Power
ECR, who claimed a fine win against Dale Power
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ECR v Dale Power

ECR got off to a brilliant start with some quality shooting from Mel Tymon to put her team ahead, then helped extend a good lead with some lovely passes into the attacking third from centre and player of the match Faye Brown.

Dale Power fought back late in the first quarter with some lovely teamwork from Dale’s player of the match Debbie Storry and attacker Nikki Sykes to create a couple of chances for both shooters to catch up ECR’s lead, but they trailed 7-2 after the first quarter.

The second quarter saw some more lovely netball from ECR, as Dale’s pushed with several attacks, some perfectly timed intercepts from defender Jess Boyes hindered Dale’s chances to catch up, while also creating several great counter-attacks to help ECR push further in front.

With some well-timed teamwork, Dale’s managed to put two goals past the strong ECR defence to chip away at the 14-4 half-time score.

The third quarter saw some great netball from both sides, with defender Jess Boyes impressing again with some great marking to give neither of Dale’s shooters much space to shoot.

Dale centre Carolyne Stainthorpe showed remarkable pace to help create plenty of attacking opportunities, linking well with attacker Claire Metcalf.

After the half-hour mark, ECR led 19-6.

The final 10 minutes saw ECR continue in fine form, putting six goals past the Dale defence, which saw some class long-range shots from Vicky Marsh after being set up by some rapid passing from Faye Brown who had a brilliant match.

Dale were unlucky to not pull a couple of goals back in the last few minutes which saw great cohesive play by defender Debbie Storry and attacker Cat Hegarty, but ECR won 25-6.

Fylingdales v Castleton Angels

A highly-anticipated match saw the only two remaining unbeaten division three teams fight it out in a thrilling match.

It was Fylingdales who got off to a fast start, and pulled in front with some lovely long passed from defender Anna Welford, to help shooter Chloe Purves put them in front.

Angels fought back impressively, with some quality teamwork from centre Beth Rowley and winger Olivia Muggeson to put the ball into the circle to set up the shooters with numerous chances.

Some quality passing from both teams showed the abundance of talent on show, as the fast pace kept both teams on their toes, but is was Fylingdales that led 5-2 after the first 10 minutes.

The second quarter started out well for Angels, as Fylingdales long passes gave them the chance to shoot quickly but saw some fast rebound catches from Angels goal keeper Georgia Price and some amazing defensive intercepts from Zoe Aldcroft which gave them the chance to pull back a couple of goals.

Fylingdales fought back though, when shooter Jenny Milburn and player of the match Kelly Storr linked well to create several chances to keep Fylingdales ahead.

The tempo remained fast as both teams scrambled for possession, but it was Fylingdales who led 7-5 at half-time.

As the third quarter got underway, both defences impressed, with more intercepts from Angels’ Zoe Aldcroft to prevent Fylingdales extending the lead, she linked well with Olivia Muggeson who held her space and put in some sensational passes into the shooters.

Fylingdales centre Sam Edwards and winger Kelly Storr continued to attack the Angels defence with some fast passing that aided shooters to put three goals past both Angels defenders. Fylingdales led 10-7 after 30 minutes.

The last 10 minutes saw some quality netball, as both teams fought hard for all the points. Angels pulled a goal back within a minute of the restart as Alicia Halladay scored a beautiful long-range shot.

It looked as though either team could take all the points, but with some pinpoint passing from Anna Welford to help edge Fylingdales ahead once more.

Angels pulled back the score to level it at 10-10, but a last- minute winner for Fylingdales saw them win 11-10.

Queen Bees v Sixth Form

The first 10 minutes of this match saw both teams play some very even netball, with both defences looking strong.

Bees player of the match Adele Jennison intercepted some key passes to create some lovely counter attacks as she partnered well with centre Rachel Austerberry.

Sixth Form looked to settle in the first few minutes, keeper Nicole Thordarson keeping both shooters out of contention.

A very even 10 minutes of netball saw the score tied 2-2.

The second 10 minutes of the match saw Sixth form defender and player of the match Jess Thurlow pull off some quality intercepts, she then linked well with winger Laila Ward to help push her team forward.

Bees fought back well, with some great movement from winger Jayne Blizzard to help create some lovely shooting opportunities for Cherene Simmonds, but it was Sixth Form who led 8-7 at half time.

As the third quarter kicked off it saw some sensational netball from the Bees, as defender Emily Browne impressed having her finest performance of the season as she intercepted several passes into the circle, to help lead some great counterattacks.

Sixth Form kept up the tempo, with more lovely play from Laila Ward, to help provide some shooting chances for Charlene Hennells.

It was Bees who kept the majority of possession, as shooter Lauren Mollon found the net with some long-range shots. Queen Bees led 13-9 after 30 minutes.

The last quarter saw a high paced 10 minutes, with Bees attempting to keep possession with some well -worked attacks by winger Mel D’eath to set up both shooters to increase the lead.

Sixth Form fought back hard, as defender Jess Thurlow put in some fantastic interceptions and linked well with centre Charlene Hennells to try to reduce the deficit, but Queen Bees eventually won the clash 19-11.