Filey swim aces shine in friendly league gala

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Saturday saw Filey Swimming Club travel to Scarborough to take part in a Friendly League gala against teams from Kingfishers, Scarborough and Ryedale.

For many of the younger swimmers, this was their first ever competitive gala. With the balcony full of cheering supporters and the poolside crowded with swimmers, the atmosphere inside the building really encouraged all the teams to do their best.

With some strong performances in the medley relay events, Filey took 1st place in the boys’ 11&U 4x25m event: Rowan Bielby (22.41 PB), Kyle Bielby (27.01), Ben Jewison (19.74 PB) and William Scott (22.83).

The boys’ 13&U team: Robbie Adams (22.20 PB), Rhys Colling (22.50), Matthew Colling (15.95 PB) and Fraser Haddington (17.17) also won their medley relay event, but were too fast!

Further wins in relay events came from the boys 11&U 4x25m Breaststroke team: Oscar Tyler (30.18 PB), Kyle Bielby (27.18), William Scott (29.99 PB) and Ben Jewison (25.30 PB); the girls 13&U 4 x25m Freestyle team: Erin Hope (16.38), Samantha Barclay (20.32), Jessica White (18.13) and Kirsty Ward (24.23); the boys mixed Freestyle Cannon: Joe Britton (24.32), Ben Clarke (23.85 PB), William Scott (21.57), Rowan Bielby (19.36 PB), Rhys Colling (16.14) and Fraser Haddington (18.24).

The boys 13&U 4x25m Freestyle time also won their event, but were again too fast – Robbie Adams (16.80 PB), Matthew Colling (16.78), Fraser Haddington (16.60 PB) and Rhys Colling (16.88).

Personal best times or first recorded times were set in either relays or individual events by the following swimmers: Ben Clarke (2), Joe Britton (2), James Wilson, Katy Snell (2), Mia Hudson, Emily Hinchliffe (2), Sarah Tindall, Oscar Tyler (2), Rowan Bielby (2), Ben Jewison(3), William Scott, Natasha Vernon, Jessica Butcher (3), Robbie Adams (2), Matthew Colling (4), Rhys Colling, Fraser Haddington (2), Samantha Barclay, Lucy Snell (2), Erin Hope (2) and Jessica White.

Final result: Kingfishers A 189; Whitby 185; Filey 167; Scarborough 125; Kingfishers B 121; Ryedale 119