GOLF TIPS: Here to answer your questions

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

Earlier this week I was coaching a golfer who I have been working with quite some time now.

Just after greeting me a long list appeared out of his pocket with questions about all things golf he was unsure about.

From rules to equipment, it was a large list.

Here are three of the questions that I answered:

1. What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is more of a replacement iron rather than a replacement fairway wood, unless the loft on the club is really low.

Generally most golfers now choose to take a three and four iron out from their bag and swap to use the more forgiving hybrid with a head that looks like a smaller fairway wood.

2. How do I stop panicking on the course?

When you are driving your car the car will go where you are looking.

It’s the same if you keep staring at the water hazard or bunker, the ball will end up going there.

Try and stay focused on hitting the ball towards your intended target.

3. Can I have the flag attended when my ball lies off the green?

I have heard in the past that if your ball is just off the green you can either have the flag in or out.

This is untrue. If you would like the flag attended you are welcome to ask one of your playing partners to do so.

I am not kidding when I say this is only a fraction of the questions I had to answer.

If you have any questions about any area of golf, my job is to help golfers, so please email me at