Jason Lowde’s column: Craig Farrell’s return is a huge boost

Rugby Union 'Scarborough v York..Craig Farrell leads another Scarborough attack..'Picture by Neil Silk   113881j'24/09/11
Rugby Union 'Scarborough v York..Craig Farrell leads another Scarborough attack..'Picture by Neil Silk 113881j'24/09/11

We can’t complain about the result at York on Saturday - they took advantage of our mistakes and were better than us on the day.

We did have our injury problems though. Tom Harrison cried off and Luke Raines missed out too.

They’re both influential players and to lose them was a big blow.

We had to bring in Tommy Goodman, who was due to play on one of their other pitches for our third team.

So for us to be 13-10 up at half-time was a great effort by the lads.

We suffered more injuries during the game, with Graeme Jeffrey having to go off.

Sam Warren wasn’t going to play at all but he had to come on and play on the wing.

Not a bad effort to say he is an openside flanker.

But on the whole it was a fair result.

We missed some key tackles in the second half and that cost us really.

They scored a long range try after we’d missed a few tackles and the lad’s heads when down a bit.

But we need to pick ourselves up for the Barnsley game on Saturday and move on.

Tom Ratcliffe is unavailable, which is a massive blow for us as he’s a key man.

We’ve managed to get Craig Farrell back in action though and that is a massive boost.

Craig’s got all the skills needed but he’s been plagued by injuries throughout his career, which is a shame.

He’s been nothing short of brilliant for us over the past couple of years and to get him back in is great news.

You don’t need to coach Craig. He’ll just do what you need him to do, when you need him to do it.

We still have a few other injury worries that we’ll be sweating over this week.

Graeme Jeffrey still has a knock and we’ll be waiting on Luke Raines, Tom Harrison and Ben Wilson to see if they’re fit.

Sinako Dunywa has left town now so he won’t be available, he did well in his short stint here too.

We’re confident though. One thing that we don’t lack is team spirit. We took a coach of about 50 players to York and we didn’t get back until the early hours.

We have Nick Ingham back available too now so that will be a boost for us too.

We have been handed a lovely cup tie at Pontefract to look forward to a week on Saturday now, which we’re over the moon about.

In all seriousness though, we really want a cup run this year. The club hasn’t enjoyed a decent cup run since I’ve been here.

We’ve seen the draws for the next couple of rounds and we’d have two home ties so we give ourselves a good chance if we beat them. It should be a good game.