Juniors earn victory

RUNNING TO FORM ... Ryan Ogden 100264
RUNNING TO FORM ... Ryan Ogden 100264

FIVE of Scarborough Athletic Club’s junior athletes, competed in the second round division two match of the Young Athletes League, held at Shildon.

The team bounced back in style after finishing fourth at the previous fixture, to secure a most notable victory in the league, and as a result are now in second place overall for this season, and is also back in the reckoning for promotion to division one.

The 15 team members achieved an impressive 21 wins in 41 individual events they competed in, and 12 of the young athletes achieved personal best performances in at least one of their events, and some in all of them.

Another most significant and pleasing aspect to the match, was the debut by four girls and a boy, all of whom achieved at least one winning performance in their events.

The most successful athlete at the meeting, with three wins in ‘A’ events was once again the in-form Kawser Ahmed, who won the boys under-17 high jump, long jump and discus.

The joint second highest scorers were Ryan Ogden and Abbie Pollard who both achieved two wins and a second in their allotted three ‘A’ events.

Ryan, who was competing in the league for the first time, won the under-13 boys 100m and 800m races and was second in the shot. He also achieved a personal best time in the 800 metres.

Abbie Pollard was the winner of the under-13 girls 150 metres and the long jump, and was also the runner up in the shot with a new personal best throw.

The next highest points scorer was George Swiers who was competing for the club for only the second time’ he achieved wins in the ‘A’ 200 metres and the ‘B’ long jump which was a debut event, and he also had a notable runner-up in the specialist ‘A’ 100 metres hurdles race.

Chloe Riley who was the most successful of the five debutants, also achieved two wins.

These were achieved in the under-13 girls ‘A’ 70 metres hurdles and the ‘B’ long jump. Chloe was also second in the ‘A’ 150 metres event.

Sarah Ogden was another winner of two events, and was one of three members of the Ogden family competing at the meeting.

Her wins were achieved in the under-15 girls ‘B’ 75 metres hurdles and the ‘B’ shot.

She also ran in the ‘A’ 800 metres in which was fourth.

All three of Sarah’s results at the meeting were personal best performances.

Sarah’s sister Leah Ogden also had a most successful meeting with a win and two personal best performances.

The win was achieved in the under 15 girls ‘A’ 1500 metres, and the personal bests came in the ‘B’ 200 metres when finishing in second and the ‘A’ 75 metres hurdles which was a new event for her.

The other debutants at the meeting that made a winning start to their track and field career, were Chloe Warren, Hannah Crowther and Celest Craggs, who were all mainly competing in the specialist field events for under-15 girls, and Ryan Gibson who competed in under-15 boys events.

Chloe opened her account with a win in the ‘A’ discus and followed up with third places in both the ‘A’ shot and ‘A’ discus.

Hannah’s win was achieved in the ‘A’ long jump, and she added valuable points for the team with a second in the ‘B’ javelin.

Celest also made a winning start in the ‘A’ high jump, and added a second spot in the ‘B’ 100 metres to her points tally.

Ryan won his first-ever shot and was the runner up in the ‘B’ 100 metres and completed his debut appearance with third in the ‘A’ 200 metres.

In the under-17 group, two of the team’s most experienced athletes, Bobby Scarborough and Becky Mills both achieved wins, and most notably personal best performances in all of their ‘A’ events at the meeting.

Bobby’s victory was achieved in the high jump, and on the track he was second in the 200 metres, third in the 400 metres and fourth in 800 metres.

Becky who had competed in the senior league at Middlesborough, won the 300 metres and was the runner up in the 100 metres.

Leah Millard who continues to be a most prolific competitor, was in action for the sixth time this season outdoors after three indoor meetings.

She took care of the under-15 girls ‘A’ sprint double again, and won the 100 metres and was second in the 200 metres.

Selina Gyte, who has now moved up to the under-15 girls, competed in her first meeting in the higher age group, and was close to a winning start after finishing as the runner up in the ‘B’ 800 metres and the long jump.

The team was also grateful to several club members who officiated at the meeting, and in so doing, ensured that the maximum match points for provision of necessary officials was obtained.

Complete Scarborough Results

Kawser Ahmed 1st ‘A’ long Jump, 5.48. 1st ‘A’ Discus, 22.37. 1st ‘A’ Triple Jump, 12.64

Celest Craggs 1st ‘A’ ‘High Jump, 1.35. 2nd ‘B’ 100 metres, 14.3

Hannah Crowther 1st ‘ ‘A’ Long Jump, 4.06. 2 ‘B’ Javelin, 9.03

Ryan Gibson 1st ‘A’ 100 metres, 15.6. 1st ‘A’ 800 metres, 2.50.3. 2nd ‘A’ Shot, 4.91

Selina Gyte 2nd ‘B’ 800 metres,3.13.4. 2nd ‘B’ Long Jump, 3.19

Leah Millard 1st ‘a’ 200 metres, 27.8. 2nd ‘A’ 100 metres, 13.7

Becky Mills 1st ‘A’ 300 metres, 42.8. 2nd ‘A’ 100 metres, 13.4

Leah Ogden 1st ‘A’ 1500 metres, 5.34.1. 2nd ‘B’ 200 metres, 31.6. 4th ‘A’ 75 metres H, 17.6

Ryan Ogden 1st ‘A’ 100 metres, 15.6. 1st ‘A’800 metrres, 2.50.3. 2nd ‘A’ Shot, 4.91

Sarah Ogden 1st ‘A’ 75 metres H, 20.3. 1st, B’ Shot, 4.31. 4th ‘A’ 800 metres, 3.00.5

Abbie Pollard 1st ‘A’ 150 meres, 22.4. 1st ‘A’ Long Jump, 3.66. 2nd ‘A’ Shot, 5.01

Chloe Riley 1st ‘A’70 metres H, 14.3. 1st ‘A’ Long Jump, 3.45. 3rd, ‘A’ 150 metres, 23.8

Bobby Scarborough 1st ‘A’ High Jump, 1.50. 2nd ‘A’ 200, 27.0. 3rd ‘A’ 400 metres, 62.6. 4th ‘A’ 800, 2.16.4

George Swiers 1st ‘A’ 200 metres, 25.6. 1st ‘B’ 4.93 2nd ‘A’ 100 metres H, 18.5

Chloe Warren 1st ‘A’ Discus, 17.95. 3rd, ‘A’ Shot, 6.662. 3rd ‘A’ Javelin, 12.59

Relays - Girl’s Under 15, 100 metres, 2nd, 59.1. Leah Millard, Hannah Crowther, Celest Craggs, and Selina Gyte.