Knowledge is the key to healthier life

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I see lots of clients each week, and for many of them the drive to lose weight is very high.

They say “I want to lose two stone” or “I just want to shift half a stone for my holiday” or “I’m sick of looking in the mirror and seeing this!”

I say “Great that’s fantastic let’s do it” I go on to say... “However, there are a couple of things we need to do before we start the fat loss. The big one being, forget about losing weight/fat.”

This throws people straight away.

Let me explain…

When we actively try and lose weight/fat, we usually only think about dropping pounds and not so much about learning anything about ourselves.

After all, if the scales go down you are succeeding – right?

Well, no.

Yes the pounds go down (sometimes) but all you are doing is repeating the same behaviour.

All your focus is on the weight loss and not on gaining knowledge.

The lack of gaining knowledge is very detrimental as we inevitably gain weight back and we never are able to lose the fat we would like to.

This is until we stop thinking about weight loss as just dropping pounds and stones and instead look at the weight loss process as a time to gain knowledge about ourselves.

To discern what made us weigh more than we would like and to find a sustainable and realistic weight/fat loss plan, and to celebrate each victory along the way.

Thinking through how we want to lose weight gives us the opportunity to improve our knowledge of food nutrition, exercise, and healthy eating rather than blindly following the newest trend.

It is vital (in my opinion) to discover what makes sense to us, and what we could sustain for a lifetime.

Earlier I mentioned the word discern. I think this is a crucial word to understand when it comes to weight/fat loss.

It is a very interesting word – one definition for discernment is ‘The mental ability to understand and discriminate between relationships.’

With weight/fat loss, discernment is all about finding out what works for you and what will work for you long-term.

One of my clients (who remains anonymous, but has changed her life around with losing four stone of fat) discerned that her body needs a variety of good, healthy foods not only to lose weight/fat, but to maintain her weight.

She acknowledged she didn’t do well with a lot of restriction, didn’t want to exercise for hours each day, and that she is an emotional eater.

For her this counted as a victory every time she made a choice that moved her in the right direction.

And when she made a choice that moved her further from her goals, she turned it into a victory by refusing to let it stop her on her journey.

So really what I am saying is, be truthful to yourself about how you behave with and around food.

It is very hard to do this, but once you realise it’s not just about counting calories, or eating low fat, or exercising every day and then jumping on the scales to see if these things have helped you lose weight.

It’s about you gaining knowledge while you are on your journey.

Don’t be swayed by the fad diet of the day, or dwell solely on the scale.

Instead take the time to learn, discern and gain victory of your eating habits today, and forever.

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