Matthew Conner's Golf Tips: Selecting the right clubs

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

At this time of year I always enjoy the mornings and the evenings are becoming lighter too.

Golfers start to talk about the first major in golf which is just over a month away.

Here at Snainton Golf, all the new golf equipment has been delivered.

With the excitement of all this new technology, myself and a couple of work colleagues had a conversation about which of the new drivers, irons and putters they preferred.

One of them, Simon Boddy, Scarborough North Cliff’s current club champion, commented that the new gear feels really light.

This is true. Over the past 20 years there has been a huge effort by manufacturers to lighten golf clubs.

A lighter dead weight means that the golf club can be swung with less effort and more efficiency.

Also, a golfer’s swing speed can be increased by a lighter shaft, resulting in longer shots.

Finally, less player fatigue is a very beneficial by-product of lighter-weight shafts.

In Simon’s case however, a lighter golf club means that he feels he struggles with the timing in his swing which results in more miss-strikes.

So, when he is selecting a golf club, he feels it is more necessary to have the correct shaft in his clubs which makes the club feel heavier to improve his timing. This is where custom fitting a golf club is a must.

In the fitting process, trying a selection of shafts will produce data showing you which shaft selection provides the straightest and longest shots.