MATTHEW CONNER'S GOLF TIPS: What can we learn from Augusta?

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

The first major of the year starts this week at Augusta National, where the world’s best players will be battling it out to see who will be wearing the green jacket on Sunday.

One of my colleagues, PGA pro John Wells, studied at Augusta State University in his teens.

I asked him what we could all learn from watching. He narrowed it down to two elements:

1. Drive Long

The last 10 years have seen most champions hit the ball a long way off the tee, I would recommend all players to try and get the most out of their tee shots.

Make sure that your driver is custom fitted so the club suits your swing. If you struggle with distance a few swing lessons can do wonders to the distance and accuracy of your tee shots.

This will boost your confidence which is crucial for good tee shots.

2. Pick the correct area to hit on the green

Most tour players spend all of their practice rounds plotting the greens.

This helps them to hit the ball to the correct side of the flag so that they have a good chance of putting in one or two shots .

At the National if you land at the wrong side of the flag you can easily rack up a three or four putt.

When you next play you will not have the time to plot the course.

Try to be observant as you go around the course and look at the flag positions on the greens you will be playing later on in the round.

Watch the Masters coverage this week and see if you can pick up some good habits.