Slideshow + the views of SRUFC coach Lee Douglas

Scarborough RUFC head coach Lee Douglas is focused on a culture-change when the new Yorkshire One season gets underway in September.

The players have returned to pre-season training at Silver Royd, and already Douglas has been working hard on fitness and instilling a killer instinct.

“The lads could be a lot fitter, but they are coming back after a well-deserved break.

“It was a long season because the season finished in May. That is what you get from having a bit of success though.

“We could do with a positive start to the season now.

“The players know what they need to do. It isn’t just about winning games, it is about how you win games.

“We lacked killer instinct last season, missing a lot of bonus points because we relaxed in games too much.

“Everything is a project, but how long does it stay a project before you start progressing.

“It was difficult last year to get to know the players and the culture within the club.

“A lot of that has to change this season.”

Douglas added: “The turn-out for training has been fantastic, but we need players to show the consistency right through the season.

“We will work harder in training and we will be fitter, hopefully that will pay dividend.

“It isn’t about what I want, it is what the players want.

“I’d love to be able to talk about promotions, but you’ll never get that unless key personnel turn up and commit.”

Douglas is still hoping to boost the squad before the pre-season fixtures get underway.

“We are still recruiting, there are a few more that we are hoping will come in.

“Martin Robinson has joined us from Bridlington and we want a couple more forwards to go with that.

“We have kept players from last year like Blake Nightingale and Zybnek Schutz.

“We need to get the other positions right, which is something that will be sorted by the start of the season.”