SPORTS DESK COMMENT: Sport is coming home

Sports desk comment
Sports desk comment

In recent years anyone wanting to watch any quality sporting action would have to escape the confines of Scarborough.

Obviously, Yorkshire Cricket Club’s visits to our fair town provided something of a beacon in the mists of dullness.

But recently things seem to have come to life - in truth it is about time.

I penned a column this time last year in one of the last ever editions of the Scarborough Evening News, which dished out richly-deserved praise on Scarborough RUFC.

At the time they had just hosted their first major event at the luxurious surroundings of their Silver Royd-base, a feature that now looks to be commonplace.

The club continues to do the town proud as more and more organisations recognise the quality of their facilities.

A second Bill Beaumont Cup county clash took place last weekend and in usual fashion it was an outstanding day that aptly finished with a Yorkshire win against Durham.

Rumour has it that there could be more international fixtures at Silver Royd in the future after the success of the recent colleges clash - what a boost that would be for the town.

Rugby union isn’t the only great white hope in Scarborough now though, as sport continues to stir from its slumber.

Danny Price recently brought professional boxing back to the boxing hotbed of Scarborough with his Homecoming gig at the Spa.

That was the first pro fight in town since Chris Hooper and Ryan Ashworth’s night back in early 2006.

Danny is now a few rungs up the ladder of a promising career in the cruiserweight division and if things go according to plan then we could have more spectacular nights of boxing in the not too distant future.

The rugby league set-up of the Scarborough Pirates continues to forge on in leaps and bounds, now boasting a full junior set-up that will allow the game to flourish.

And of course Scarborough Athletic have pressed on into the national stages of the football pyramid.

They may be playing 22 miles down the coast in Bridlington and they may have recently been placed in the southern section of the Evo-Stik League, but progress is progress.

Exciting times lie ahead for Boro and their quest for the holy grail of returning to town looks to be getting closer and closer.

Chris Bourne, the project manager of Weaponness, was recently quoted as saying that the council are currently undertaking a detailed analysis of the competitive tenders for the sports village alongside Sport England.

He also said that a significant step forward is just around the corner.

So in just a year since the changes happened in our office and we moved to a weekly paper, many positive alterations have occured in a variety of different sports in the Borough.

Hopefully, if we glance another year down the line, things will continue to bloom.

By then the town could have a boxing champion, having hosted an international fixture and with a football team on the verge of coming home.

Wouldn’t that be nice.