SPORTSDESK COLUMN: Double boost for Scarborough sport

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It is a rare treat when Scarborough is greeted with some good news on the sporting front.

Obviously, Scarborough Rugby Club keeps us ticking over by hosting good level games on their impressive Silver Royd facility.



But this week we have had two hefty sporting boosts for the town.

Firstly, Sunday saw another great day for sport in Scarborough thanks to the impeccable running of the McCain-sponsored Yorkshire Coast 10k.

This is an event that allows the most inexperienced of runner to line up alongside national or even world class competitors.

International Andrew Wiles won the event, beating Paralympian silver medalist Wondiye Fikre Indelbu into second place.

But it was the effort of the regular runners and the endeavour of the organisers that shone through.

Running a 10k isn’t the easiest thing to do, finishing in a chip time of 48.22 minutes nearly broke me, as you will see from my red face on the pages covering the event.

I did notice on my way around the course, when I could manage to lift my head, that a great number of helpers were marshalling and plenty of people from the town turned out to cheer the runners on.

This really helped as I closed in on the finishing line and foolishly tried a sprint.

A total of 1,272 runners managed to cross that line, with many hailing from this area.

It is amazing that we have an event like that, which can bring in the big guns, as well as uniting a town.

There should be a lot more unity in Scarborough coming soon, due to the council passing the proposed Weaponness Sports Village.

We have waited long enough for this day because the McCain Stadium was last used approaching a decade ago.

But now, at least, things look to be firmly in place, underlining a positive future for sport in the town.

Not only will it bring Scarborough Athletic into the borough, but it will also move us back up to date with the rest of the country.

With no base in Scarborough, we have already lost a generation of fans and a generation of young players.

This will mean a point for everyone to call home, be it Scarborough Athletic and their juniors or local league teams who can once again have a showpiece for their cup finals.

Other fans in towns across the country take for granted that they can wander down to watch football on a Saturday.

It will be great for Boro fans or local league players to be able to take the short trip down to Weaponness, rather than having to traipse to Bridlington or Pickering.

The quicker the better for me.

We have been without proper footballing facilities for too long now.

Rumour has it that building might be underway next year, the day it begins will be another massive day for sport.