VIDEO: Matt Conner’s tips

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This week’s putting drill will help you to get the ball rolling faster rather than the ball jumping slightly in the air and then rolling which makes it harder to control your distance.

The ball jumps in the air when there is too much loft on the putter face at impact with the ball.

Ideally there would be a minimal amount of loft on the putter face around one degree, and the rise angle of the putter would be four degrees at impact with the ball.

This will create a much better roll as the ball will not jump in the air as much and will roll much quicker.

To create this good movement push two tees into the ground so the head of the tee is just showing from the ground either side of a golf ball.

Now when you putt you will need to make sure the putter misses the tees and this will help you gain a better rise angle.

To make sure you do not add loft to the putter face you need to stop your hands and wrist from flicking as this will cause the unwanted loft.

Try instead to keep your wrist and hands ridged. Practicing this will help you strike your putts better and will help you with distance control.