VIDEO: Matthew Conner’s golf drill

A shank occurs when the ball is struck from the hosel when hitting an iron shot, causing the ball to shoot off at a destructive angle.

The shank can be caused by various swing faults.

The swing fault I am working on this week is balance.

A shank occurs when your balance is poor.

When swinging the club your weight will transfer on to your toes, causing the club to move further away from intended when impacting the ball. This is when the hosel strikes the ball.

The drill today involves you placing a golf ball under the toes of both your feet.

Now hover your toes above the balls and when you swing do not allow your weight to move onto your toes as your feet will press on the golf balls.

This will feel very strange and you will feel restricted in your follow through but this will allow you to gain the feeling of not moving too much weight onto your toes.

After practicing this your body will get used to not moving onto your toes, helping you to strike the ball better.