VIDEO: Matthew Conner’s golf tips

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The next six weeks of drills are in response to requests that I have had from Scarborough News followers.

Hopefully other golfers with the same problems will find them helpful too.

Matt Conner demonstrating his downhill putting drill

Matt Conner demonstrating his downhill putting drill

This week I have been asked to demonstrate a drill to help golfers hole more downhill, right to left putts.

First find a six-foot putt which is downhill and has a right to left slope.

Place a ball marker on the ground and place the ball on top of it. This is now your start position.

Now carry out your normal pre-shot preparation and read the green.

The line that you are going to start the ball on will be to the right of the hole.

Place a tee peg on this line, to the side of the hole – far enough away so that your ball will not hit it. Finish your routine and focus on aiming the clubface at the tee peg.

Even though you want the ball to finish in the hole do not be tempted to pull the ball towards the hole or be nervous that you have not selected the correct line causing you to push the ball up the slope.

Stroke the putter as normal and do not move your body or eyes until you see the ball marker which lies underneath the ball.

This will help you to stay still and build a more confident stroke.

Once you see the marker, follow the ball into the hole with your eyes.