Incorrect aiming of the putter face is one of the most common faults I see when players are struggling to hole short putts.

If your aiming is wrong you often compensate this by making a technical fault.

I recommend purchasing an alignment triangle to help you improve your aim.

The best way of using this training aid is to find a straight and flat surface on the practice putting green and follow this step by step routine.

1. Aim the putter towards the centre of the hole.

2. Place the triangle in front of the putter blade.

3. Move the putter away and crouch behind the triangle to see where it is aiming.

4. If it aiming left or right start the process again and take your time aiming the putter.

Once you can consistently aim the putter face square then add a fifth step by placing the putter back next to the triangle.

Move the triangle away and place a ball in front of the putter blade then putt the ball into the hole.

Using this routine is going to help you aim better, enabling you to hole more putts.