I have been asked by a Scarborough News reader and keen golfer to explain about the release of the golf club in the swing.

To keep this simple I would like you to practice without a golf ball and try and move your body to create three different positions.

As you can see in the picture above I have swung the club to hip height in the follow through.

I know this position is after impact with the ball, but swinging through to this position makes it easier for you to replicate the correct feelings of how to release the golf club which will then help at impact with the ball.

The positions I want you to try and achieve start from the ground upwards they are as follows:

1) The heel of my right foot has lifted off the ground to push 90 per cent of weight onto my left foot.

This helps to generate more power helping you hit the ball further.

2) The hips have turned so that my belt buckle has started to point towards where I want the ball to travel too.

This position allows my arms to pass my body with ease to allow them to achieve the third position.

3) My arms have started to extend and rotate. This keeps the clubface square at impact and helps to achieve a straight shot.

Practising your swing without a ball will enable you to concentrate on these three positions, which with time and discipline your body will start and recreate when hitting a normal shot.

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