Brining snapped up by top-flight Devils

Kriss Brining (above) is heading for Super League side Salford Red Devils. Picture: Gordon Clayton
Kriss Brining (above) is heading for Super League side Salford Red Devils. Picture: Gordon Clayton

Scarborough-born rugby league star Kriss Brining can’t wait for the challenge of the Super League after signing for Salford Red Devils.

Brining, who leaves York City Knights after 10 years at the club, started playing the sport for the Scarborough Pirates aged seven and hasn’t looked back since.

Brining said: “I’m excited to finally be able to test myself at the highest level, it’s been a dream of mine since I started watching the game.”

Brining knows the enormity of the challenge facing him and is determined to take his opportunity with both hands.

He added: “I obviously want to play well but I’m well aware of the jump I’m making.

“I know I have some improvements that I can make and I’m looking forward to working in a full-time environment.

“I’m going to give it my best shot.”

The move to Salford almost came about earlier in the season, but a fee couldn’t be agreed between the clubs.

Devils coach Ian Watson insisted the Super League club would be willing to wait until the end of the season though.

Brining said: “A fee between the two clubs couldn’t be agreed and I thought my chance to play in the top flight might have gone.

“Luckily Ian Watson said that even though they couldn’t sign me then, he’d be interested in signing me for next year.

“A few other clubs were mentioned by my agent but I believe we’ve made the right decision.”

Brining admits it’s a grind leaving the Knights after such a lengthy spell at the club, but he can’t wait for the next chapter in his career.

“I’ve been involved with York since I was 12 or 13 and it was the first professional club that took interest in me,” added Brining.

“Ten years is a long time so of course I have attachments and a love for the club, but I’m ready for my next challenge.”

While he’s mindful of the challenge ahead, Brining isn’t fazed by the step up in levels and can’t for pre-season to get underway.

He added: “I haven’t really thought about the opposition, at the moment, my priority is to have a good pre-season.

“I’m just excited to finally be in a position where playing Super League is actually a reality, the opposition to me is irrelevant.

“I just can’t wait to make my Super League debut.”

Coach Watson played a big part in Brining choosing to join Salford, and the Scarborough man admits he’s a fan of his methods.

“Ian played a big part in my decision to sign, so did the strength of the squad,” he said.

“From the first time I visited it seemed like a place I would enjoy developing as a player and I’m grateful he’s giving me the opportunity to do so.”

Brining hasn’t forgotten where he learned the game though, and was quick to sing the praises of the Scarborough Pirates coaches who introduced him to the game between the ages of seven and 11.

He added: “During my time there I was lucky enough to be involved with some people who were passionate about rugby such as Kev Stingemore, Shaun Millward, Andy Payne, Keith Paddock and Tony Bayes, and to anyone I have missed, I really appreciate their help.

“As for who introduced me to the game, it was my dad.

“He used to play when he was younger and was apparently good at tackling, not that he’s ever mentioned it.

“My brothers played a big part too, we used to play games in the garden whenever we could and I have some really special memories.”