Coach's Corner with Lee Douglas: Discipline issues need addressing

Coach's Corner with Lee Douglas
Coach's Corner with Lee Douglas

For 30 minutes of our game at Yarnbury on Saturday, the performance of the guys was almost perfect.

We made a really good start to the game, our patterns of play were great and we were attacking Yarnbury at every opportunity.

When Isaac (Faamau) went off injured, we lost our way ever so slightly, and perhaps at half-time the guys thought the job was done and the points were in the bag.

That definitely wasn’t the case and Yarnbury showed that they’re a good side and came back at us in the second half.

Going down to 13 men after Tom Harrison and Loni Loni were put in the bin for high tackles didn’t help - that just fuelled the fire for Yarnbury and encouraged them to have even more of a go at us.

That is an area of our game that we really need to work on going forward.

If we have any aspirations whatsoever of challenging at the top of the table then we need to iron out our discipline issues.

We have to keep a full compliment of players on the pitch, we need to take the decision out of the referee’s hands and tackle low.

If guys find themselves on the sidelines often then they won’t be in this team for the long term as we really need to have 15 players out there on the field.

In the end, we rallied and scored a late try to make sure we came away with the win.

The performance of Matty Jones really impressed me, it was lovely to have him back with us and leading from the front on the field.

The guys really respond to him on and off the field and he’s going to be a real asset going forward for us.

He got off the plane after flying half-way around the world only on Thursday, so to go to Yarnbury and play the full 80 minutes on Saturday was a big effort.

Matty will set himself really high standards as skipper of the team, and I’m sure he’ll relish trying to meet those standards.

Devlin Ibanez and Tom Burton came into the side and impressed me Saturday.

Devlin has just come over from America and is still settling in, but he showed glimpses of his quality on Saturday and it was a terrific performance for his first game over here.

Young Tom wasn’t on my radar at all this season, but he’s really kicked the door down with his efforts.

He was phenomenal on Saturday and his performance was very impressive.

He’s a pacy winger and he was committed and tackled hard - he’s electric and has a good attitude and he’ll be a hell of a player going forward.

We need to put in another good performance this week at home to Acklam.