CYCLING: Gullen smashes record at Burton Fleming time trial

James Gullen at Burton Fleming
James Gullen at Burton Fleming

Scarborough Paragon Cycling Club held their annual national 10-mile time-trial on a testing course at Burton Fleming.

The weather appeared promising at first with warm sunshine and light winds.

Cavan Walker sets a fast pace at the Burton Fleming time trial

Cavan Walker sets a fast pace at the Burton Fleming time trial

However, by the time the first riders were heading to the start at 2pm, it became damp and muggy, forcing the riders to consider road surfaces more than usual.

The light easterly wind was not the best direction to maximise the speed potential due to the nature of the terrain towards the finish, heading eastwards to Grindale.

However, top rider James Gullen from Pedal Heaven, who has his family roots in Scarborough and started out with Paragon, impressed the crowd by smashing his existing course record on here to take the victory in 20:43, just short of an average speed of 29mph.

This was his slowest 10 miles time this season which shows how tough this race is.

Second place was taken by a mere second in time by 15-year-old local, Cavan Walker, who rides for Acre Racing Team with a brilliant performance of 22:52. He also won the best juvenile/junior award.

Third place went to visitor James Rix of Crawley Wheelers in 22:53, which also gained him a third place prize for best veteran on standard time allowance.

Bridlington CC rider Andy Askwith won the Ray Flinton Memorial trophy for taking the first place in the best in veteran standard category as well as fifth place overall in 23:29.

Paragon’s Hannah Bayes (16) was second in the juvenile/junior section and also third overall out of all the women entrants of all ages.

She won the John Leadley Memorial trophy for her efforts as the fastest young Paragon rider with 29:06.

Joanne Burnett from VC Beverley won the women’s category in a time of 27:54.

Organiser Elaine Ward was pleased that out of 50 entrants, only four couldn’t make the start line.

Thanks are extended to those members and friends of the club who helped make the event a success.

On Sunday near Hull on the famous V718 10 miles course, Gullen did the double by winning the Team Swift charity event out of over 300 riders in a mind-boggling time of 17:20.

That is an average speed of 34.6mph and equalled the current men’s national competition record at the distance, held by professional Alex Dowsett of Movistar set in 2014.

Gullen also beat the existing national champion at 10 miles by 29 seconds.

Paragon’s Simon Ward also clocked a great time of 21:04 at the event.

There are no further Tuesday evening club events for the year, but there are four Sunday events in September.

The times were as follows: 1st J Gullen 20:43, 2nd C Walker 22:52, 3 J Rix 22:53, 4th J Wainman 23:19, 5th A Askwith 23:29, 6th B Buss 23:35, 7th N Nettleton 23:42, 8th M Schofield 24:08, 9th N Goscinki 24:13,10th S Pickard 24:25, 11th S Guymer 24:30, 12th A Marshall 24:33, 13th D Maffrey 24:36, 14th D Patterson 24:41, 15th M Blackford 24:47, 16th J Galway 25:11, 17th K Allen 25:32, 18th D Hudson 25:36, 19th M Pilling 25:36, 20th P Hickman 25:36, 21st M Woodley 25:51, 22nd R Corney 26:18, 23rd C Brown 26:21, 24 A Carroll 26:35, 25 J P Poretorius 26:44, 26th M Mcleavey 27:12,27th P Warters 27:13, 28th R Stephenson 27:21, 29th B Cappleman 27:44, 30th P Ramsden 27:52, 31st J Burnett 27:54, 32nd G Kershaw 27:57, 33rd M Mulleady 28:16, 34th J Savage 28:18, 35th M Cole 28:39, 36th G Jessop 29:01, 37th H Bayes 29:06, 38th C Beldon 29:22, 39 C Jessop 29:24, 40th C Fearns 29:57, 41st J Morrison 30:32, 42 M Bentley 30:37, 43rd R Haigh 31:48, 44th B Ward 32:55, 45th J Haigh 33: 59, 46th S Yan 34:44.

Paragon held their final evening event of the year and were surprised to get 21 riders.

Well done to all the novices who were brave enough to come along and have a go, some on mountain bikes, some with backpacks on and front panniers.

Results: 1st Steve Dodds 10:22, 2nd Daryl Maffey 10:42, 3rd Mark Woodley 11:05, 4th Simon Walker 11:20, =5th Chris Brown 11:25 and Ray Gullen 11:25, 7th Robin Stephenson 11:44, 8th Barrie Cappleman 12:03, 9th Paul Warters 12:10, 10th Iain Butterworth 12:37, 11th Harry Butterworth 12:41, 12th Hannah Bayes 12:44, 13th Sarah White 13:18, 14th Jim Morrison 13:29, 15th Alan Priestley 15:07, =16th Jonathan Elgey-White and James Gleeson 15:29, 18th Danny Winterbottom 15:30, 19th Andy Horncastle 18:55, 20th Maggie Thornton 20:12, 21st Ian Hunter 22:00

Thanks to Mick Storey, Elaine Ward and John Tillotson for organising the event and timekeeping.