GOLF TIPS: Drills to reduce your handicap

Golf tips with Snainton Golf Centre's Matt Conner
Golf tips with Snainton Golf Centre's Matt Conner

Following on from last week’s drills, the final three drills you can use while practising to help reduce your handicap are:

1) Five feet putts under pressure

Find a straight five foot putt on the putting green and try to hole 50 putts in a row.

Every time you miss, start from zero again.

Once you get to 45,46 putts, this is when you will feel the pressure.

Stick to your same routine and go for it. Do not be afraid of missing the putt.

2) Improve your wedge distances

Very few golfers practise hitting wedge shots at less than full power.

When playing on the course you will generally face these shots all the time.

Practise hitting balls from 30, 50 and 70 yards.

Hit ten balls to each target and give yourself one point for each ball that lands within a 10-30 feet area.

Each time you practise try to beat your previous score, always trying to score the maximum of 30 points.

3) Rather than just practising your bunker shots for the sake of it, use a similar drill to the pitching drill.

Aim for a 10 or 20 feet radius around the hole.

Using five balls try to hit all the balls into the area.

Give yourself five points if you hole the bunker shot or one point if the ball finishes within the area.

Once you score five points from five shots, shrink the radius of the score area or choose a new distance, and start again.

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