Heslerton, Flixton and Cayton B lift Evening League titles

Cayton B won the Division C title
Cayton B won the Division C title

The final week of the 2016 AndyHire Evening League season saw Heslerton, Flixton and Cayton B lift the respective titles.

The 2016 season saw Heslerton winning the Division A trophy, their first time since 1993 after strong challenges from Wykeham A, who led the division for much of the season, while Ebberston ended up as runners-up.

Division A victors Heslerton, their first title since 1993

Division A victors Heslerton, their first title since 1993

Division B winners were Flixton, who after being relegated last season went the full season unbeaten.

Cloughton were runners-up and promoted with Flixton to Division A for the 2017 season.

Division C winners were Cayton B, who are promoted to Division B along with Cloughton B, who tied with Forge Valley but won promotion on run rate divided by wickets lost over the whole season.

Cloughton B had an average of 32.88 runs per wicket, while Forge Valley had an average of 23.87 runs per wicket.

Heslerton's Adam Spaven won the bowling award

Heslerton's Adam Spaven won the bowling award

Both Heslerton and Flixton completed doubles after winning their divisions respective cup competitions with Cloughton B winning the new Lloyd Dowson Cup for Division C.

The AndyHire Evening League Presentation game and awards presentations will take place at Heslerton on Friday evening, starting at 6.15pm.

The presentation game will be between Division A winners Heslerton and Division B winners Flixton and will be a 12 over contest.

After the game the league president Andre Meunier will present the two champions with their trophies and £150 prize money.

Meunier will also present the winners of the overall season best batting and bowling awards with trophies and cheques for £75 each courtesy of AndyHire.

These winners are Ryan Baldry of Filey with the batting award for his 127 runs when playing against Wykeham A.

The best bowling award goes to Adam Spaven of Heslerton CC for his 6-16 against Filey.

Trophy winners 2016 season

Division A

Champions - Heslerton

Runners-Up - Ebberston

Relegated - Scalby and Ganton

Division B

Champions - Flixton A

Promoted - Cloughton A

Relegated - Scalby B and Seamer B

Division C

Champions - Cayton B

Promoted - Cloughton B

Wooden Spoon - Muston

Harburn Cup

Winners - Heslerton

Runners-Up - Wykeham A

Hunter Cup

Winners - Flixton A

Runners-Up - Cloughton A

Lloyd Dowson Cricket Cup

Winners - Cloughton B

Runners-Up - Ravenscar

Overall Batting Award

Winner - Ryan Baldry (127 for Filey)

Runner-Up - Sean Exley (121no for Cloughton B)

Overall Bowling Award

Winner - Adam Spaven (6-16 for Heslerton)

Runner-Up - Frankie Beal (6-24 for Ebberston)