Hewitt guides YHT to time trial success

Cycling reports
Cycling reports

Tuesday night saw a good turnout for the interclub 10 mile time trial at Snainton, run by Yorkshire Coast Clarion.

There was a South Easterly wind which meant a fast start, a bit of help back from Yedingham and a head-down-eyeballs-out effort for the line.

There was an excellent turnout, both riders, helpers and marshals, thanks to everyone who got there.

There was some bad luck for Steve Dodds, who came off on the first left hand corner, costing himself a probable win in the overall rider competition, but probably not affecting the overall result.

Bob Hewitt steered YHT to a deserved win with an incredible ride, breaking the course record by 15 seconds.

Andy Askwith of Bridlington rode a great race for overall second, while Nev Watson rode a stormer for third.

SPCC were second, Hewitt's top ride and Dodd's crash adding up two a two minute deficit, while Brid were third RCC fourth, and the depleted teams of VLV, MW and YCC coming fourth, fifth and sixth.

The next round is Malton Wheelers on their hilly Castle Howard course.

The timings were as follows:

1.Bob Hewitt YHT/SR 21:25 ,2 .Andy Askwith BCC 22:43 .3 Nev Watson SPCC 23:18 ,3 Pete Roebuck YHT/SRC 23:18 ,5 .Kevin AllenSPCC 23:22 ,6 .Matt Purnell SPCC 23:32 ,6. Seb Pickard VLV 23:32 ,8 .Jamie WardYHT/SRC 23:33 ,9. Matthew Enticknapp MW 23:37 ,10.Mel Blackford BCC 23:45 ,11 .Chris Brown SPCC 23:48 ,12 .Chris Duck SPCC 23:56 ,13.Carl Martin YHT/SRC 24:05 ,14 .Dave Leaming YHT/SRC 24:23 ,15 .Simon WaltersBCC 24:33 ,16 .Ray Gullen SPCC 24:35 ,17 .Paul Creaser SPCC 24:54 , 18. Paul Griffiths RCC 24:58 ,18 .Simon Walker RCC 24:58 ,20 .Ben Sixsmith YHT/SRC 25:12 ,21 .Barry Cappleman SPCC 25:17 ,22 .Mike Potter SPCC25:22 ,23 .Mark Williams RCC 25:44 ,24 .Rich CullenYCC 26:01 , 25 .Rachel Lucas SPCC 26:09 ,26 .Mags Purnell SPCC 26:20 ,27 .Dave Schubert RCC 26:43 ,28. Will Palmer RCC 26:59 ,29 .Hannah Bayes SPCC 27:38 ,30 .Sarah White SPCC 28:012 ,31 .Jimmy Morrison SPCC 28:14 ,32 .John Tillotson SPCC 29:19 , 33 .Brian Ward SPCC 29:48 ,34 Keith Marshall BCC 30:10 35Steve DoddsSPCC DNF.

Friday evening saw a slightly smaller field of six riders for the come and try it event, probably due to the wet roads and unseasonal weather.

The gold medal went to Paragon rider Harry Butterworth,with a PB time of 14m 29s, silver to Benni Ward with 20m 50s and bronze to Emily Smith with 25m 27s.

Cavan Walker raced round with a super fast time of 11m 36s, with George Brown in 17m 06s,and Paragon junior Hannah Bayes riding strongly to give a PB time of 14m 19s.

The awards were presented by club chairman Brian Musson, with thanks again to all the club helpers who turned out to help.