Hewitt leads YHT team to victory in inter-club event

Cycling news
Cycling news

Scarborough Paragon Cycling members locked horns with local rivals in the second inter-club round at Burton Fleming.

Paragon, Malton Wheelers, Richardsons Cycling, Bridlington Cycling Club and YHT Training Road Club all had at least three riders to make it a good competition.

The great conditions, warm and fairly still, made for good times, although the hills were hard work with no real tailwinds.

YHT turned out in force and were quickest on the night, with Bob Hewitt putting in another cracking ride to take the individual win, and lead their team to a deserved win (their other counters were Daryl Maffey and Pete Roebuck).

Paragon were second in both the individual competition - Steve Dodds hot on Bob's heels - and the team event, with Rob Corney and Dodds being the second and third counters. This keeps Paragon in first place overall with 23 points.

A strong Brid contingent were third, Malton fourth and Richardsons fifth.

It was a great competition, great to see so many out, and many thanks to Brid for hosting the event, and Mick, Elaine and John for coming out to help.

A few did not make it to the finish line but the heroic finish of the night went to Rob Stephenson who limped home in tatters after a spill involving a cat.


1 Bob Hewitt YHT/SRC 22:565, 2 Steve Dodds SPCC:23:09, 3 Daryl Maffey YHT/SRC:24:17, 4 Pete Roebuck YHT/SRC:24:37, 5 Rob Corney SPCC:24:46, 6 Matt Purnell SPCC:24:48, 7 Nev Watson SPCC:25:00, 8 Kevin Allen SPCC:25:09, 8 Martin Cockerill BCC:25:09, 10 Mel Blackford BCC 00:25:19, 11 Matthew Enticknap MW 00:25:20, 12 Chris Brown SPCC 00:25:32, 13 Fred Smith YHT/RC 00:25:38, 14 Jamie Ward YHT/SRC 00:25:43, 15 Mark Woodley BCC 00:25:48, 16 Brandon Stock MW 00:25:53, 17 Simon Walters BCC 00:25:56, 18 Robert Grainger SPCC 00:26:02, 19 Dan Joyce RCC 00:26:22, 20 Steve Norris YHT/SRC 00:26:32, 21 Chris Duck SPCC 00:26:39, 22 Chris Matson YHT/SRC 00:26:55, 23 Simon Ward SPCC 00:27:00,, 24 Ben Sixsmith YHT/SRC 00:27:02, 25 Paul Griffiths RCC 00:27:08 26 Simon Walker RCC 00:27:41, 27 Rachel Lucas SPCC 00:27:57, 28 Wayne Bratley MW 00:28:29, 29 Johnathon Dyer SPCC 00:28:40, 30 Will Palmer RCC 00:29:16, 31 Tim Puleston BCC 00:29:42, 32 Harry Butterworth SPCC 00:30:26, 33 Robin Stephenson SPCC 33.54.

Thursday saw Richardsons in action at Snainton with the 10-mile time-trial .

Paragon rider Kevin Allen finished first overall with 23:30, closely followed by Matt Purnell in second with 23.38.

Other Paragon riders were Barrie Cappleman 25:46,,Mike Potter 25:53, Mags.Purnell 26:40, Hannah Bayes (junior) 27:12 and Jimmy Morrison 28:20.

Rob Grainger smashed his 25-mile time-trial personal best, riding at Thirsk in the T252 course, his time of 57:36, was easily his best time so far.