MATT CONNER: Adjusting to winter golf

Matt Conner's golf tips
Matt Conner's golf tips

As the wintry weather is here to stay for a while, it is worth reflecting on items of your equipment to see if they give pointers to help improve your golf game.

Here are two points to consider. If your tee peg snaps most of the time when you are teeing off with a driver, you are swinging too steeply into the ball.

You need to make sure the driver is rising slightly through impact.

Make sure you have a little more weight favouring your back foot and the ball position is opposite your front foot heel.

Finish off your set up making sure your front shoulder is higher than your back shoulder.

These changes to the set up positions will help you to improve the attack angle to the ball in turn stop you from breaking tees.

If your golf glove is wearing out in different places, this means that your hands are moving when you are swinging the club.

Make sure your glove is not too worn to cause the grip to slip around in your hands, and try to hold the club so as to create more stability, not allowing the handle to move when swinging the club.

Next week I will cover more points to look at to help you improve your swing.

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