Matt Conner's Golf Tips: Playing the bump and run

Matt Conner's Golf Tips
Matt Conner's Golf Tips

As we are now in the summer term the fairways and greens are cut short and the ground is becoming harder.

It is now worth playing a bump and run instead of a pitch shot if you have no obstacle to hit over.

Unlike the pitch shot it does not look a pretty shot as you are not flying it through the air and landing it close to the flag.

The bump trajectory is very low, bouncing on the fairway before the green then as the ball reaches the target it will start to run up to finish next to the flag.

This shot works really well when the ball needs to be played from a tight lie.

How to play this shot involves using a mid-iron like an eight iron and changing the setup by placing the ball back in your stance.

Lean the shaft forwards so that your hands are opposite your front leg.

When you swing the club back let the wrists hinge slightly, and maintain this wrist hinge on the way through.

You want to make sure you turn your chest through the shot, with the wrists hinged this will cause a descending blow, causing you to make a small divot.

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