MATT CONNER: Throwing drill can help improve distance control

Matt Conner's golf tips
Matt Conner's golf tips

Last week, a group of lady golfers attended a half-day short game session with me.

All four of them really struggled with chipping and pitching around the green. Each of them had their own issues with technique.

What they all had in common was that they all decelerated at impact, which often happens when players are anxious of hitting a bad shot.

Generally, what happens when players decelerate is that they swing too far back in the backswing.

This causes them to generate too much power. They then slow the club head down coming into impact, causing a shortened through swing.

Nerves can really affect players, and you also often see players double hit the ball.

This happens when the club head slows down at impact then once the ball has been hit, the club head speeds up again and strikes the ball once again.

A good drill is to grab 10 balls and practise throwing them on to the practice green with an underarm throw.

Try to keep your thoughts very simple. Swinging your arm back a short distance and then gently accelerating forwards throwing the ball towards the hole, use this same feeling when swinging the golf club.

Try to shorten the backswing then accelerate the club head into impact with the ball.

This will give you a better strike and an improved way of controlling the distance the ball travels.